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Operation service

What are operational services?

Relying on the Internet platform and through remote control, we provide third-party professional and standardized environmental comprehensive services with water treatment facility operation and trusteeship service as the core, so that customers' environmental pollution treatment and environmental management can truly meet the requirements of environmental protection and achieve the purpose of reducing environmental protection costs。

Third party environment integrated services

  • 省心

    We worry about you, you do not have to worry about whether the water is up to standard, whether the equipment is in good condition, and whether the management is standardized;No longer need to worry about the lack of environmental management due to personal ability, attitude, responsibility, etc。

  • 省费

    Avoid excessive risk costs;
    Reduce the cost of drug use;
    Reduce kinetic energy consumption costs;
    Reduce the cost of professional environmental technology and management personnel。

  • 专业

    Sanding has a professional technical team, a professional operation personnel team, a professional maintenance team, a professional management system, first-class analysis and testing facilities, 10 years of industry experience and hundreds of engineering examples。

  • 规范

    In strict accordance with the national laws and regulations on operation management requirements of standardized operation;Strict management with consistent "words and deeds as tripod" style, fine daily management, quantitative target assessment。

Business domain

We do better for you

  • High concentration organic wastewater

    Pig farm wastewater is a typical high concentration organic wastewater。With the increasing scale of pig industry, pig farm wastewater has become one of the main pollution in rural areas。

  • Industrial park water pollution

    The company aims at industrial park wastewater discharge, relying on Hubei Provincial Science and Technology support Plan, and cooperating with Hubei Industrial Vocational and Technical College and other scientific research institutions...

  • Township garbage leachate

    Township landfill leachate comes from the garbage in the township landfill, the moisture contained in itself, the rain and snow water entering the landfill and other moisture...

  • Village municipal sewage

    In view of the small amount of municipal sewage in villages and towns, the company has developed a landscape ecological combined biological treatment process with its own biological fillers as the core...

Core technology and products

Urban domestic sewage treatment methods and systems / 01

Invention patent

A landscape ecological urban domestic sewage treatment system, ZL2016 2 1001854.2

Technical characteristics

The system includes one or more landscape ecological combination pools, chemical phosphorus removal units and PLC control units。The method has high treatment efficiency and good effect, and can effectively remove COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in discharged water。

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Adsorption separation and treatment system of refractory organic wastewater / 02

Invention patent

An adsorptive separation system for refractory organic matter, ZL 2016 2 1002444.X

Technical characteristics

The method is to first add powdered activated carbon mixture into raw water contaminated with refractory organic matter,The activated carbon is thoroughly mixed with the wastewater for adsorption treatment,Then put PAC liquid into the waste liquid after adsorption treatment for flocculation treatment,Then the flocculated wastewater is treated by sedimentation,Finally, the supernatant after settlement treatment is treated by ultrafiltration。The system includes a primary pool, an adsorption reaction pool, a flocculation reaction pool, a pre-sedimentation pool, an intermediate pool, a membrane ultrafiltration water supply pump, a complete membrane ultrafiltration unit, an AC dissolving and dosing device, a PAC dissolving and dosing device and a PLC control unit。

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Rotary sieve solid liquid separator / 03

Product characteristics

Silent motor and frequency conversion motor are used to reduce the noise generated in the process of mechanical rotation

According to the actual water volume and solid content, the speed can be adjusted in real time to make it more suitable for water quality

The diameter of the screen is smaller, and the particle size that can be trapped is smaller

The diversion pipe arrangement makes the livestock and poultry manure stay longer in the drum, so as to achieve higher separation efficiency

Scope of application

Livestock and poultry breeding, food processing and other industries

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Dense channel inorganic ceramic membrane equipment / 04

Product characteristics

The compact channel inorganic ceramic membrane equipment improves the integration of ceramic membrane, reduces the cost of ceramic membrane and reduces the equipment space of ceramic membrane, which makes it possible to apply ceramic membrane in water purification on a large scale

High mechanical strength, good wear resistance

Equipment comprehensive cost is low, cost-effective

High degree of automation, easy to operate

Scope of application

Widely used in drinking water purification, swimming pool water purification, landscape water purification, mine water purification, sterile water purification Chemical, water purification, water reverse osmosis pre-treatment, ultrafine powder separation and other fields

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UASB Anaerobic Reactor (Patented product) / 05

Product characteristics

Granular sludge has high activity

Strong adaptability to impact load and high removal efficiency

It has good nitrogen and phosphorus removal effect

Investment and small footprint.Low operating cost

Simple operation management and maintenance, simple operation management

Scope of application

High concentration, difficult to degrade organic wastewater, such as biomedical wastewater, ginger wastewater, coking wastewater, emulsion wastewater, etc

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