Intelligent environmental protection equipment technology professional 2023 class opening ceremony was held in the company

2023-09-08 17:10:55

September 7-8, 2023,The opening ceremony of class 2023 freshmen of Intelligent Environmental Protection equipment technology major of Intelligent Environmental Protection Industry College of Hubei Industrial Vocational and Technical College was held in the company,Hubei Industrial Vocational and Technical College, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, president frontier,Li Qin, deputy secretary of Maojian District Party Committee and head of district,Company chairman Zhang Baojun,Attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech,Ran Yaohan, deputy governor of the district, presided over the opening ceremony,After the opening ceremony, the president of the College of Smart Environmental Protection Industry Huang Jingchao,Rao Weiping, deputy general manager of the company and dean of the enterprise side, led the freshmen to carry out enrollment education activities。

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Opening ceremony venue

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Group photo after class opening ceremony

In the admission education activities, the new students of 2023 entered the company's manufacturing base, operation management center and site under the leadership of professional teachers。

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The successful holding of this activity has increased everyone's perceptual understanding of intelligent environmental protection technology, knowledge to learn in the future and broad prospects for employment and further study。

2022年,The school is based on the development trend of environmental protection industry in the digital age,He Shiyan area, as the water source area of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer project, needs the development of ecological environmental protection,The School of Intelligent Environmental Protection Industry has been established across the School of Ecological Environment, the School of Intelligent Engineering, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and other secondary schools,This year, under the witness of President Edge and Mayor Li,The College of Smart Environmental Protection Industry was inaugurated,The major of intelligent environmental protection equipment technology is a composite major that integrates environmental engineering, equipment manufacturing, electrical automation, computer, Internet of things, software development and other majors,The company has fully participated in the construction of industrial college, professional construction, and practical training base construction。

Zheng Yanyan, director of the school's cooperation and Development Department, and Zhang Ling, secretary of the Youth League Committee, attended the opening ceremony。