The city's observation activities into the Eastern New District comprehensive sewage treatment plant (Area B) project

2023-08-25 15:43:35

On August 24, during the on-site observation activities of Shiyan City's high-level protection and high-quality development projects, Huang Jianxiong, Party secretary of the CPC, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Wang Yonghui led leading cadres at the city and county levels and heads of relevant departments directly under the city to walk into Shiyan City's Eastern New District Comprehensive sewage Treatment Plant (Area B) project for "review".。

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The total investment of the project is 40.96 million yuan,Designed daily sewage treatment capacity of 1500 tons,The main collection and treatment of Longmen Industrial Park, Wenzhou Industrial Park two industrial parks industrial wastewater,The overall use of buried + landscape ecological layout,Our company takes the lead in EPC+O mode,May 2023 Access to pollution supervision platform。