Dragon Boat Festival, you and I share

2023-06-20 15:52:17

It is the Dragon Boat Festival of another year, love thick Zongxiang floating all over the street。Thick brown fragrance, long love。In the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, in order to thank all employees for the hard work they have been paying for the development of the company, on the afternoon of June 20, the company's trade union was concerned about employees, and issued Dragon Boat Festival benefits for all employees, so that employees deeply felt the care and warmth of the corporate family。

14:30 in the afternoon, welfare distribution work under the organization of the company's trade union in an orderly manner, we cooperate with each other, handling, distribution, distribution, the scene from time to time bursts of laughter, everywhere filled with a happy atmosphere。Colleagues from various departments went to the scene to receive benefits in an orderly manner: rice and flowers, rice, cooking oil, one by one, full of the care and blessing of the company's leaders。

Huan  Junqin drama 墖_20230620154656.jpg

The custom of the Dragon Boat Festival is people's praise and expectation for life, nature, good personality and happy life。The reason why the Dragon Boat Festival is particularly popular with the people is also from people's recognition of the traditional cultural background of the nation, and the commemoration of Qu Yuan is one of the most distinctive themes of the Dragon Boat Festival。In the era of globalization and the integration of world cultures today, it is our mission to enhance national cohesion, inherit the cultural spirit represented by Qu Yuan, and integrate cultural inheritance into folk festivals through traditional festival and custom activities, so that the fine national cultural traditions can be continued and updated in modern life。