The company carries out "beyond self, the pursuit of excellence" group building activities

2023-05-15 10:07:23

On May 13, 2023, the company's trade union organized the "Beyond self, the pursuit of excellence" team building activity, aimed at enriching employees' spare time, further strengthening team cohesion, and enhancing the ability of solidarity and cooperation between teams。

After arriving at the destination at noon on May 13th, the activity officially kicked off. According to the groups, the groups cooperated to make delicious lunch according to the assigned tasks。Some choose vegetables, some wash vegetables, some cook, some light the fire......The scene of the activity is both passionate and warm and harmonious, the team members have a tacit understanding, and in the unity and cooperation of everyone, a dish of food is cooked。After the groups were finished, everyone began to share the food, and the joy and excitement was overwhelming。

Huan  Junchean Drama 墖_20230515095614.png

After lunch, groups of people go boating, walk in the forest, enjoy the quiet time of the afternoon。

Cheese drama 墖1.png

This group building activity strengthened the communication and cooperation between employees, but also let everyone deeply realize that the strength of a person is limited, the strength of a team is indestructible, and the success of the team requires the joint efforts of every member of us!