Annals of School-Enterprise Cooperation (2006-2019


Shiyan is the "Yan 'an" of Dongfeng Motor Group, the core water source area of the Middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and the location of Wudang Taoist Holy Land。Hubei Industrial Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public high schoolVocational colleges bear the historical responsibility of transporting highly skilled talents for the region and even the whole country, and its School of Environmental Engineering (formerly the Department of Environmental Engineering) is the main body of the mission of "ensuring the sustainable delivery of water to the north"。

Vocational education and general education are two different types of education, with the same important status (" National Vocational education Reform Implementation Plan "language)。"The combination of work and production and education" is the basic mode of vocational education。For more than ten years, the company has been adhering to the concept of "mountains and rivers are interdependent", adhering to the concept of "caring for the college as you care for your own eyes", and has walked out of a road of "integration of production, learning and research" with "Shanding characteristics"。

For more than a decade,Under the guidance of "integration of industry, university and research",The company is honored to accompany the growth of more than ten environmental students;60% of the company's employees come from the college;More importantly,The magnanimous spirit of the college has shaped the cultural connotation of the company as "the words and deeds of mountains and rivers are interdependent",We are forever grateful to the College,Give back to the college to the best of your ability,Unswervingly in the "integration of industry, university and research" on the road of deepening。

The starting stage of school-enterprise cooperation:2006-2008年度

Since 2006, the company's technical experts have successively become part-time teachers of the School of Environmental Engineering, starting from more than ten years of joint education, joint training base, joint research on new technologies, joint research on talent training programs, joint research on quality courses and other school-enterprise cooperation "five common" road。

The initial stage of the integration of the two parks: 2009-2011 year


1Under the guidance of the school's "double park integration" school-running mode, the company took the lead in settling in the Environmental Engineering Department on July 5, 2009, and has since opened the road of "integration of production, university and research" of "department and enterprise integration" for more than 10 years。

2The first "Shanding Cup" analysis and inspection vocational skills competition was held and continues to this day。


1.Shiyan Blue water Source Environmental Protection Technology Center was established jointly by the company and the teachers of the college, as the carrier of foreign technical services and the link of "integration of production, education and research"。

2.Students majoring in environmental monitoring and governance of the Department of Environmental Engineering were organized to go to Hefei, Anhui Province, to carry out a one-month on-site on-site teaching in the Jianghuai Automobile sewage treatment station undertaken by the company, thus opening the prelude to the ongoing on-site teaching。


1The school-enterprise joint declaration of the municipal school-enterprise research and development center "Shiyan City Water purification Research and Development Center" was approved。

2.The patents declared by the teachers of the company's joint college were authorized for the first time, and since then, the road of joint research on new technologies has been opened。

     Invention patent: anaerobic reactor for treating wastewater containing emulsion

     Utility model patent 1: anaerobic reactor for treating wastewater containing emulsion

     Utility model patent 2: micro-pollution water supply purification device

Department integration segment:2012-2014年度

At the beginning of 2012, based on the in-depth exploration of the "integration of industry and education" model, the college broke the restrictions of "public ownership" and hired the chairman of the company as the director of the environmental engineering department, so that the chairman of the company became a full-time department head "without salary"。During the term of office,The "fence" between colleges and enterprises has been basically eliminated,The school-running mission, school-running mode and talent training program of Environmental Engineering Department have been further condensed.Quality courses have been strengthened;Jointly declared and completed the provincial science and technology project "MVR integrated process research and development of high concentration emulsion wastewater treatment in the automotive industry";Technical training to achieve regional breakthrough,Department of Environmental Engineering went to Jilin,Technical training for local enterprises。

By 2014, the chairman of the company has completed his term goal and voluntarily resigned as the head of the department of the college, and the integration of production, university and research has entered the stage of comprehensive development。

Comprehensive development section of industry-university-research integration:2015-2019年度

1In 2015, the company signed a tripartite agreement with the 2015 students and the Department of Environmental Engineering to open a "Modern apprenticeship free experimental class"。

2In 2016, together with the Department of Environmental Engineering, the company built a "remote operation control center" on campus that can be used for real-world teaching.。

3In 2017, the department and enterprises jointly declared the provincial major project "Water pollution remediation of the Industrial Park in the East New District of the Sihe River Basin", which opened the climax of the construction of a large-scale local internship and training base that is closer to the campus and close to students, and is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2019。

4In 2017, the company jointly with the Environmental engineering Department, on the basis of summarizing the "2015 modern apprenticeship free experimental class", established a larger scale "Shandingxin Hope Order Class", trying to open up the whole process of enrollment, training and employment。

5In 2018, the company jointly with the Environmental Engineering Department, for the first time during the summer vacation of students, large-scale and long-term summer on-site talent training in Shiyan Base。

6It is with great joy that we congratulate the beginning of 2019Department of environmental EngineeringUpgraded to a secondary college under the CollegeSchool of Environmental Engineering