According to the characteristics of small amount of municipal sewage in villages and towns, large change coefficient of instantaneous inflow water volume, large change coefficient of daily water volume, large change of pollutant concentration, scattered plants (stations) of treatment facilities, difficult operation and management, and high environmental requirements,The company has its own biological fillers as the core,Developed landscape ecological combination biological treatment process (patented technology),Has a large amount of activated sludge,Small aeration and energy consumption,The amount of residual sludge is small,Small footprint,Simple operation and management。

The environment-friendly garden-style sewage treatment plant built by our company has additional facilities such as rockery water, wetland and fish indicator biological observation pool, cleverly combining sewage treatment facilities with natural landscape, and realizing the harmonious unity of pollution control and landscape。

For small water (≤500m³/d) scale of rural municipal sewage treatment, our company provides prefabricated integrated automatic complete sets of sewage treatment equipment, which eliminates customer design and on-site construction troubles。

The Internet + operation control service provided by our company completely eliminates the difficulties of customer operation management。

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