"Song of the Mountain Ding" is based on the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony theme song "Me and you"。The original song "Me and You" is slow and heroic, with simple and broad lyrics, representing the Chinese golden age and the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, fully expressing the pride of every Chinese, and inspiring people's passion for striving for their own better life。     
       In the lyrics of the song, "the heart is in the lake pavilion", which is an artistic expression of the company's pursuit of deepening the cooperation mode of industry-university-research integration with the Environmental Engineering Department of Hubei Polytechnic。The company greatly cherishes the opportunity to cooperate with the college, and with the cooperation concept of "the department is prosperous, the department is prosperous, and the department is prosperous", each employee is required to care for the college like caring for his own eyes, and support the development of the Department of Environmental Engineering。     
      [Note: "Yu Lake" is one of the iconic attractions of Hubei Polytechnic of Industry and Technology, and the pavilion on the lake is the place that can most arouse people's good memories]。